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  • Dr. med. Christian Mnich, MD
  • Member of the executive board, management
  • Srdjan Vukašinović
  • Founder, CEO, Professional accordionist

About us

Carboneon is a Swiss start-up company bringing together preeminent professional musicians who have affiliated their erudition and lavish experience with the world top-class engineers, designers and physicians’ skills and expertise.

We have gathered into an expert team, driven by the pivotal avant-garde approach to accordion design and manufacture.

Carboneon specialists’ team have surveyed the ways to improve the sound perception and the ways to make the sounds more amiable and charming to human ears.

Relying on the results of the scrutinized studies on carbon features, sound production and perception, we have come up with the professional instruments progressive design and first-rate quality products.

The so-far outcomes and the prosperous researches Carboneon experts’ team are resolute to carry on in future, undoubtedly represent the outset of a major epoch in the accordion industry worldwide.

We are transforming good-quality into excellence.